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Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23


Welcome to Victoria Place. The building was erected in 1890.  The music is pure 21st century. All of it was recorded inside the walls of  Victoria Place exclusively for Echoes.

We've created a flowing soundscape from live Echoes performances that range from electronic with Ron Boots and Suzanne Ciani to dream pop with Cigarettes After Sex, Ry X, Gracie and Rachel, Gordi and Cold Specks to ambient chamber moods with Balmorhea, FLOW, and Departure.

There are guitarists who create ambient dreams like Jeff Pearce, looping orchestrations like Michael Hewett and elegant finesse like the legendary California Guitar Trio.

And vocal performances don't get much more powerful than Tunisia's Emel Mathlouthi. But more important is how all these sounds flow into the continuum that has marked Echoes soundscapes for 28 years. So take a trip to Victoria Place for a perfect 80 minute journey into the Echoes Soundscape.


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