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Refractions: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 12

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    Sounds split through the prism of Refractions, with some of our most unique performances to date. Guitarist Michael Brook signs in with "LightStar" while harpist Andreas Vollenweider improvises themes on "Seven Doors. There's acoustic guitars, electric violins, and ambient expanses all coming together on Refractions. Also includes AjantaMusic, Peppino D’Agostino & Stef Burns, Forastiere, Vic Hennegan, Michael Hewett, Caryn Lin, Marconi Union, Don Peris, Al Petteway & Amy White, and Gretchen Yanover. 


    1.   Inner Sanctuary (Peppino D Agostino & Stef Burns
    2.   LightStar (Michael Brook)
    3.   Seven Doors (Andreas Vollenweider)
    4.   Cedar (Gretchen Yanover)
    5.   Sleepless
    6.   And Now We Dream (AjantaMusic)
    7.   You Won't Let Anybody Down
    8.   Rifrazioni (Forastiere)
    9.   Midnight Ride (Al Petteway & Amy White)
    10. Flyer (Don Peris)
    11. A Lump is a Hole (Caryn Lin)
    12. Soundscape for Echoes (Vic Hennegan)

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