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Resonance: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 13

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    Sound resounds on Resonance, our most electronic living room concert CD yet, with ambient performances from BT, Rena Jones, David Fulton and Giles Reaves and an unreleased performance by Radio Massacre International. These electronic journeys are woven in the acoustic threads of Tony McManus, Stephen Bennett, and State of Grace. Also includes General Fuzz, Richard Leo Johnson, Aurah, Acoustic Eidolon, Michael Halaas and Joan Jeanrenaud, and Jeff Ball.

    General Fuzz - Acclimate
    Richard Leo Johnson - Where the Rivers Meet
    BT - All that Makes Us Human Continues
    Aurah - The Calling / The City
    Stephen Bennett - Sea Rose Beach
    Acoustic Eidolon - Hannah's Waltz
    Radio Massacre International - Gibraltar
    Rena Jones - Driftwood
    Michael Halaas & Joan Jeanrenaud - Mural
    State of Grace - Somnium
    Tony McManus - Maids of Mitchelstown
    Jeff Ball - Drawing in Embers
    Giles Reaves & Dave Fulton - Troubled Skies

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